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International Travel Policies and Procedures

Northern Illinois University recognizes that achievement of the institutional mission requires nurturing development of global perspectives. NIU encourages international travel to support research, study, institutional collaborations, volunteerism, and other activities.
Through this policy, the University strives to mitigate potential risks to students, employees and volunteers who travel abroad; it seeks to do so without undermining the benefits of travel outside the United States. The University also seeks to ensure individual and institutional compliance with relevant regulations and laws.

Compliance with the policy improves risk mitigation for travelers while abroad and ensures that individuals and the University comply with relevant regulations and laws.


Travel Subject to the International Travel Policy

International travel that meets any of the following conditions must be registered in advance of the planned travel:

  • The traveler will receive reimbursement in whole or part through an NIU fund source, including funds secured through any NIU foundation or through a contract or grant administered by NIU;
  • The traveler will transport abroad any NIU-owned property;
  • The travel is organized by a member of the NIU faculty, staff, or volunteer for purposes related to NIU business, and it falls outside the scope of Study Abroad programming;
  • The travel is organized by an NIU-recognized student organization, including any student group that has an adviser who is an NIU employee, provided that NIU has fiduciary responsibility for the organization;
  • The travel is organized by the NIU Foundation, NIU Athletics, NIU Alumni Association or a similar university-related organization for the purpose of furthering the mission of NIU;
  • The traveler will represent NIU on site;
  • Travelers, sponsors, coordinators, or advisors for the travel raised funds to support the travel on campus or acted as agents of NIU when securing funds.

Failure to comply with this policy may jeopardize:

  • Reimbursement for travel expenses, if eligible;
  • Receipt of NIU academic, research, or internship credit/experience, if eligible;
  • University assistance in the event of an emergency while abroad; and
  • Compliance with NIU policy and federal law.

​Please refer to the International Travel Policy and Procedures.pdf for more detailed information.


NIU Business Procedures

Travel Regulations

The following travel regulations are the established uniform procedures governing the reimbursement of employees for official travel. These regulations, issued in conformance with the official Travel Regulations approved and issued by the Travel Regulation Council, apply to all employee travel regardless of source of university funds. For detailed policy information, please open the procedure manual.